Our products are cold-finished.
But our people have a warm, midwestern charm.

Krueger provides the highest-quality cold-finished bar and wire, happily made to your precise specifications from our talented team.
Krueger provides a wide selection of products that cater to your diverse needs. Whether you need Cold-Drawn Bar, Drawn Wire, Hot Roll Rod, or other steel wire products and shapes, we’ll make it exactly how you want it and get it delivered exactly when you need it.

The right products from the right people,
delivered right on time.

Drawn Wire

  • Bright Basic Wire
  • Plating Quality Wire
  • Cold-Heading Wire
  • Galvanized Wire
  • HDMB Spring Wire
  • Oil Tempered
  • Annealed Wire
  • Stainless Wire
  • Other Specialty
    Wire on Request

Cold-Finished Bar

  • Cold-Drawn Round
  • Cold-Drawn Hexagons
  • Cold-Draw Squares
  • Cold-Drawn Specialty
  • Full Range of
    Carbon and Alloy
  • Selected Grades of
    Stainless Steel

Other Products

  • Hot Rolled Bar
  • Hot Rolled Rod

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