Krueger provides high-quality cold-finished bar and wire
with unparalleled service and attention-to-detail.

Krueger is an intermediate processor of cold-finished bar and wire. For over 75 years, our mission has been to offer competitive pricing and ensure 100% on-time deliveries.

Our products are made to your exact specifications, and our people always exceed your expectations.

Our standards are anything but standard.

Teaming Up

We exist to be your preferred partner, digging deeper to provide you with transformative solutions, not just products.

Rising Up

We provide cold-finished bars, finished to your precise needs, and expertly made to the tightest tolerances.

Measuring Up

We specialize in providing you with industrial-quality wire, including galvanized, PQ, CHQ and other specialty items.

Connect with us

Email us at, call us at (630) 833-5650, or fill the form below: